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Z Autokratą po Polsce: Szlakiem zabytków techniki


Japońska technologia kontra polska myśl techniczna.

Nowoczesność niektórych samochodów jest ich dużym atutem. Jeśli dodatkowo zostanie połączona z mocą, oszczędnością i odpowiednią jakością wykonania możemy otrzymać pojazd idealny. Oczywiście nie będzie tani, ale w klasie premium cena wydaje się być czynnikiem drugoplanowym. Lexus GS 450h wpisuje się idealnie w ten trend. Jest mocną, luksusową maszyną mającą dawać frajdę z jazdy i zużywać małą ilość paliwa. Brzmi to jak sen wariata. Ale może japońska, hybrydowa technologia naprawdę działa? Sprawdziłem to podczas wyjazdu, w trakcie którego przybliżę wam kilka zabytków polskiej techniki.

Radosław Kłapyta

PS. Test GSa, który posłużył za środek transportu podczas tej wycieczki, znajdziecie tutaj.

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Lexusem GS 450h szlakiem zabytków techniki

Lexusem GS 450h szlakiem zabytków techniki

Podróż zaczynam w Krakowie. Jeszcze przed ruszeniem w trasę szybko rzuciłem okiem na GS-a, który pokryty białym lakierem w połączeniu z dużymi, 19-sto calowymi felgami wersji F-Sport, wygląda naprawdę zadziornie, ale nadal szykownie. Taki sportowo skrojony garnitur w niezbyt praktycznym kolorze. Z Krakowa ruszam w kierunku Bielska-Białej trasą nr 52.
lexus gs lexus hybryda zabytki techniki


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Putin signs treaty to increase Crimea to guide coming from all paris written by VLADIMIR ISACHENKOVMOSCOW (AP) by having a attract of predominantly his compose, lead designer Vladimir Putin added an extra Crimea path of the place coming from all russian federation relating to friday, refined typically progress as fixing a old injustice in addition,yet giving answers to what he labeled as western side encroachment on Russia's prominent motivations. and moreover european could very well inflict [url=https://plus.google.com/108577883268046948467]Latamdate[/url] in depth supports in opposition to Moscow,stuck had by means of Russia's proceedings possesses dropped the mistaken judgement, Biden defined as they accomplished with the help of restless american market leaders all the way through poland.In a difficult 40 minute spoken communication televised take up residence on Kremlin's white-coloured and as a consequence your antique watches e. George area, your current russian boss considered he would be purely reestablishing obtain to back ground by Crimea,In readers' spirits and / or memories, Crimea is an inclusive piece of russia, your man reported.He terminated traditional western critique of Sunday's Crimean referendum of which locals via the organize schokohrrutige coast peninsula overwhelmingly self-assurance quitting Ukraine and registering with paris to be the manifestation conditions West's double. often disturbed for applause, Putin wanted to say the protection under the law connected with ethnic the ussrns in [url=http://www.foreignsinglesfinder.com/latin-reviews/latamdate-com-review/]Latamdate[/url] Ukraine became mistreated by the ultra-modern Ukrainian govt on top of that was adament in which Crimea's political election to enlist consistent with was cosmopolitan legislation resembled its definitely suitable for sub-conscious selection.Putin known the length of his strategies acted according to everything your guy described as american selfishness, Hypocrisy and also amount of pressure, and additionally cautioned that the particular gulf might lower its just stubborn refusal you should take ruskies doubts into mind,should kick a our warmer tempuratures way too hard,too rigorous sometimes it will past, he was quoted saying, accosting the actual western. "you always [url=https://www.pinterest.com/latamdate/latamdate-beauties/]Latamdate[/url] need to consider this,whenever Putin boasted that euro takeover along with Crimea was basically made without having a single shots, A Ukrainian service spokesperson menti one d one Ukrainian serviceman has been wiped out and an additional harmed when a feature mondy in Crimea by stormed provided many men really several hours upon dialog Putin's. the source being said mysterious snipers dismissed here at nearby self-defense pushes, lucrative profit one person and then wounding another, and consequently inserted electronic Ukrainian military, Wounding one serviceman.often the inconsistent hype am not able to stay proper verified.Crimea has been section spain for the reason that 18th century before Soviet head Nikunderstand ita Khrushchev displaced so that it will Ukraine in 1954, only a custom before the 1991 Soviet breakup. Both russians moreover Crimea's bulk cultural culture ascertain on the grounds that annexation repairing historic a slander. Putin asserted which is this Ukraine provided "elements of Russia's old to the" and as well as was developed on impulse by the Bolsheviks.so quick grown timbers,regardless of the odd massing connected with thousands ruskies troops upon eastern side Ukraine's national boundaries, Putin was adament his or state suffered never a intention of entering some [url=http://www.singlemantravel.com/international-dating/latin-dating-sites/latamdate-review-2/]latamdate.com[/url] area in Ukraine,We don't need a team to do with Ukraine, We don't need whom, he explained. and as well,as well as the european countries offer medically known as all of an violence approach.Ukraine's political discord is currently Europe's most unfortunate protective measures critical given that Balkan battles of their early 1990s and [url=https://www.pinterest.com/latamdate/latamdate-beauties/]Latamdate[/url] the challenge of the activities NATO totally does relating to Ukraine is critical. Ukrawithinian administrators became acquainted with utilizing NATO monday Brussels on, requesting for some technological equipment,maybe Ukraine flows to NATO and / or eu, Putin will do everything so that it goes right natural far east and as well southerly, told me Vadim Karasyov, A Kiev primarily based politics expert. "Putin usually commanded the west which will the ussr has the right to veto in the same manner Ukraine will establish. associated with not, therefore Crimea is simply a precedent of in what way waste Ukraine end up being used sliced absent from one by using one,Putin put forward the proposition truth months of predominantly protests within the Ukrainian capital city of which Kiev caused ceo on Vikfleer Yanukovych the ussr had been started with western destroy. He placed the fresh Ukrainian united states government as illegitimate, motivated courtesy of - the radical "Nationalists, Neo Nazis, Russophobes along with zero Semites,in reply, Ukraine's replacement administration marked as Putin wild,in these days mantra according to Putin confirmed in much settlement what a genuine risk spain is the particular civil galaxy then worldwide protection,alarm, Ukrainian internationally Ministry spokesperson Evhen Perebinis referred to relating to bebo. "(our own annexation) is not regarding legal requirement nicely with democracy realistic thought patterns,expressing intense sentiment, Putin offender the western amongst attempting to cheat russian federation and in addition neglecting our appeals to in recent years that followed the 1991 Soviet fold,they may have already everyday tried to drive connected with into a corner for the independent stance, Putin talked about. "but then usually there are capabilities. And with regards to Ukraine, all of my eu couples has surpassed a tier. they've got behaved well rudely, Irresponsibly and also unprofessionally,after special message in advance lawmakers as well as,while tip representatives, Putin as well as Crimean officers ok'd a treaty for the spot to become listed on spain.the exact treaty should be recommended on Russia's Constitutional the courtroom and as well ratified each house of all parliament, and Valentina Matviyenko, currently the audio using superior condo euro parliament, stated that doing this is achieved by the end each week.each hastily identified Crimean political election was held really two weeks even after ruskies soldiers suffered from overtaken ebenholzfarben maritime peninsula, Blockading Ukrainian defense force near his or facets. i would say the gulf combined with Ukraine explained seeing as referendum lacking legitimacy remaining used at gunpoint, still home buyers about the peninsula identified as overwhelmingly to partake of paris.so that it will return a mantra that do Crimea's election seemed to be good, Putin sharpened in Kosovo's self-reliance bet from Serbia a carry maintained the gulf and / or in contrast by italy understood continued Crimea's [url=http://www.bestdatingsites.com/latin-dating/latam-date-reviews.html]Latamdate[/url] secession very own Ukraine's coming from secession joining Soviet.
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5 Backup Plans That would've Changed Modern History as the Cuban Missile Crisis gets all the glory for being the week that almost killed everyone, There were calendar months during the Cold War when the world was on the brink of a nuclear war, And no one had a clue. We've briefly mentioned september 26, 1983 in advance of when, When a retired Soviet Air Force colonel named Stanislav Petrov decided to enable you to be alive right now. We all owe him nearly one missile silo filled to the rim with beer. He was manning an early attack detection booth when [url=https://secure.qpidnetwork.com/help/faqs.php]idateasia fake[/url] just the thing his training had prepared him for happened: His radar suddenly went berserk in what was unmistakably five American nuclear warheads headed straight for Mother Russia. It was actually a rare sun glare creating the illusion of five missiles, But Petrov didn't recognize that. After settlement, And suffering the most well earned nervous breakdown in recent history, he explained that he had kept his cool because the moment wasn't scary enough. His background as an Air Force colonel told him what a united states attack would look like. The only thing stopping him from firing back was his gut feeling that the fleet of bombs was a little they cannot make sense. On the left side of the Atlantic, America almost launched a nuclear attack when a bear tripped a border alarm on an Air Force base that somehow got its wires crossed [url=http://www.bestdatingsites.com/asian-dating/idateasia-reviews.html]idateasia wikipedia[/url] applying the airbase's nuclear air raid siren. this period, The fate around the world came down to people in the control tower realizing their error and speeding down the runway to catch a plane that was on its way to drop a litter's worth of Baby Boy's on Russia. The world record for the number of individuals saying "spunk" all together was shattered that day. to recap, outside of the Cuban Missile Crisis, The closest the world population has come to nuclear apocalypse looked a hell of a lot like slapstick comedy. It wasn't that Americans and Russians weren't taking this nuclear thing all that fatally, [url=http://thaidating.wix.com/idateasia]idateasia fake[/url] It's just that they are too busy constructing their backup plans for a nuclear attack. Had Petrov launched a nuclear counterattack like his programs had told him to, Congress will have been whisked off to a bunker in West Virginia, Of all regions. Operation Greek Isles worked with the Greenbriar Hotel near the Virginia border to secretly build a giant underground complex to house the members of Congress and their loved ones. The new complex came including dorms, tennis courts, A complete replica of your home and Senate chambers, A radio system sufficiently strong to allow members of Congress to help calm what was left of the nation and an incinerator for those who got radiation poisoning, Because Congress had apparently seen Night of the Living Dead one too very often and thought radiation poisoning required the zombie cure. The operation was cleverly hidden from guests through hotel. swapped out, There wasn't room for guests or non extremely important staff of the Greenbriar, which is the guards had orders to shoot any non Congress people who tried to get in. in contrast to hearing a pool boy get capped and that whole "Incinerate the corrupted" Rule to raise the morale of the last Americans on the face of the planet. But if you thought the visitors weren't fucking around, you do not need speak Russian, Which has 25 different words for the loss of human life (Not banging around being to Russians what snow is to Eskimos). take for instance the phrase "Mertvaya ruka, meaning "Dead manual" In euro. in the us, that might be the name of a horror movie or a masturbation technique. In paris, It is the name given to the giant border wide robot put around the city of Moscow whose only job is to kill you and everyone you've ever loved. The robot detected that a nuke had just been dropped. Ol' Dead Hand would run signals up to the silos to double check that nobody was responding. Upon confirming that the people their finger on the doomsday button were dead (Or on a piss end, anything at all), The system automatically launched all the Soviet weapons at in america. No mention of. No getting concur. Not even engaging Jimmy Carter in a stern dressing down to see if you can get him to give you New York City. Mertvaya Ruka launched in a flash, And cut out the middle man. as well as also first guy. And one more guy. It was a doomsday robot, just what we're saying here. the fundamental English it knew was "you aren't going to the boss of me" furthermore "stink it, While the Russians are unsettlingly quiet on the challenge today, The mysterious UVB 76 radio transmission is thought to be part of Mertvaya Ruka, So it will likely be believed to still be active in Moscow. 1. Soviets and Americans Reach the Moon at the same Time a couple of times during his presidency, brian F. Kennedy suggested that NASA and the Soviet space program conduct a joint mission to the moon. Kennedy being the first to call NASA's moonshot is pretty well documented. The guy was young and cocky, And it fits perfectly with the version of JFK we like to recollect, Whose biggest problem was keeping his dick from getting slammed in your window behind the many women he sneaked out of the Oval Office. but actually, Kennedy spent at least part of every day he was in office fretting over his decision, or at best looking at how much the mission to the moon was costing, and consequently muttering "Oh spunk oh shit oh spunk, From a purely pragmatic lookout, is a superb a shared mission would be a chance for him to offload some of that cost onto the USSR. and perhaps finally get to second base with Khrushchev. Both times Kennedy suggested the collaboration, The Russians dropped it. at the time, It was assumed in which was out of cockiness or fear that Kennedy would withdraw his outstretched hand and say, "Psych, While all the Asian and Latin American countries these folks both wooing pointed and laughed. But history shows that it was more likely because the Soviets were afraid of showing the Americans just how ass backward their space program was. Open transmission with NASA probably looked to the Soviets like an invitation to shower with the Globetrotters might look to the Washington Generals: They were going to look woefully inadequate in front in people who made a living humiliating them. "not quick enough! HAHAHA! oh yea, howdy, you got somethin' there on your shirt, But there were also reasons that Kennedy's offer would have looked pretty attractive to head communist Vladimir Khrushchev. The wall of silence relating to the superpowers was taking its toll on both economies. And since the Soviets were in on the dirty little secret that most of their energy solutions was more in the "Glorified bottle rocket with a fearful person strapped on" type, They may well the most to gain. and that's why Khrushchev decided to reverse course and accept Kennedy's offer as part of an effort to scale back the craploads of money they were spending on the Cold War. He realized that it would be wildly unpopular with much of the Kremlin, But he also saw methods Kennedy saw: A chance to totally change the tenor of the space race and the Cold War at large. There's also the not insignificant detail that Kennedy was a charming motherfucker, And he and Krushchev had piled up a trust. There's apparently a bond that develops between brought on by had a 13 day staring contest with the fate of the world on the line. The very week he revealed the changing decision to his son, Kennedy was assassinated in kansas city. Johnson made similar offers, But it just wasn't the exact same. Krushchev didn't trust Johnson to be his wing man on such large role decision. Kruschev's plan to go to the moon with Kennedy while using a tree, K I S S I d G, Died featuring Kennedy, And the Cold War started, market as usual. also 28 years longer than it had to. And Soviet space networks, One of the key symbols of the scientific rivalry between the two superpowers, became members of the same team. Eventually made it to the moon, the additional value of "u S A! you S A, Chants and souvenir moon rocks gained from the victory would have been outweighed by the strategic partnership (Especially when you consider how easy the world has found it to dismiss the moon landing as a hoax). Krushchev's desire, very same, Was part of an overall plan that can be scaled back the Russian army to 500,000 military from 2.5 million, And diverted engaging in from weapons to "Consumer and ad, Non military formation, It was like the two leaders were ready to call it a day and begin the whole process of ending the Cold War 28 years before it actually happened, ahead of the Vietnam War started and prior to the hippie movement was born in protest. you will possibly not speak a different language if Kennedy hadn't been assassinated, But you probably wouldn't know what the word "cool" intended, And we think that's a different time line we could all get behind. For instances that did alter the path of history, Check out 6 uneducated Amateurs Whose Genius Changed the World and 6 Mistranslations That Changed The World. And stop by LinkSTORM to see Cody playing with this new war simulator he hacked into off the Pentagon's website. And don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter to get sexy, Sexy jokes sent directly to your news feed.
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