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Z Autokratą po Polsce: zapora w Świnnej Porębie


Odwiedzamy cichego bohatera Krakowa nowym Hyundaiem Santa Fe.

Zimowe popołudnia wcale nie muszą być nudne. Wystarczy trochę ochoty, samochód i można się wybrać na niedługą, ciekawą wycieczkę. Proponuję wypad za miasto, najlepiej w dzień kiedy "nogi was nie niosą", albo macie ochotę na małą samochodową przygodę. A propos auta - najlepiej by w tą podróż udać się pojazdem z napędem na obie osie, wtedy czeka was zwiedzanie ciekawych miejsc bez zbędnej zadyszki. Tak się akurat złożyło, że w naszej redakcji pojawił się niedawno Hyundai Santa Fe. I nie żebym był za nadto rozleniwiony - po prostu uwielbiam samochody, a skoro już mamy SUV-a, to czemu nie sprawdzić jego możliwości? Zapraszam was zatem w miejsce warte odwiedzenia o każdej porze roku - jedziemy obejrzeć zaporę w Świnnej Porębie i nie tylko... Let's ride!

Radosław Kłapyta

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Santa Fe w Świnnej Porębie

Zapora w Świnnej Porębie to jeden z najdłużej realizowanych projektów hydrotechnicznych. Budowany od… 1986 roku. I końca nadal nie widać. Prace opóźniały się już wielokrotnie - a to przemiany gospodarcze, to znowu opieszałość naszego rządu, a w końcu brak umiejętności wykorzystania środków unijnych. Chciałoby się rzec „po prostu Polska"!
hyundai santa fe świnna poręba


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Roasted in that oven, the 14-pound birds were crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, in just 1 hour and 20 minutes. (In a conventional oven, roasting would take about 3 hours.)
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Some local residents told Fox 5 it doesn't belong there and that they fear increased traffic and crime. [url=http://www.guccionlinecity.com/]Gucci Outlet[/url] Survivors helped neighbours search for loved ones; groups gathered at mosques and university buildings that remained standing. At one mosque, we used charred wood to draw a map on the wall, said Hermanto Hasan, who worked at the People s Crisis Centre, a volunteer organization. When groups went out, we told them to count people and take names, then when they returned we marked it so everyone could know. m [url=http://raybanglasses.onlineoutlet.us.com/]Ray Ban[/url] 鈥淢embers heard that there have been sensitivities around the use of volunteers in some service areas. Staff have, understandably expressed concerns that, in times of budget reductions, volunteers could be used to replace paid staff. 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All rights reserved. u [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutletssonline.us.com/]http://www.michaelkorsoutletssonline.us.com[/url] If? there's nothing to hide they why not let the people/public film them after we the people elected them, also aren't there CCTV every where in on and around the Town Hall It's obvious that it was not illegal as he would have been arrested by the Police there and then Councillor Bob Kerr, who had only been appointed council chairman five minutes earlier, evicted everyone from the town hall council chamber at 7.10pm and told them to go outside after police officers were unable to persuade the man to comply. Councillor Bob Kerr, who had only been appointed council chairman five minutes earlier. Seems he now thinks he's above the law he should be investigated and brought to book over this [url=http://burberryonline.outletstore.us.com/]burberryonline.outletstore.us.com[/url] It was something very childish, that sixth-graders could have talked about, Bowles said. It had no reason for happening. v entrepreneurs, placing them at a huge disadvantage. We initiated the Entrepreneur Products of the [url=http://www.michaelkorsoutletssonline.us.com/]Michael Kors Outlet Online[/url] Subject to international market conditions being maintained we would expect to see solid improvement in the earnings of our international investments. [url=http://michaelkorsstore.onlineoutlet.us.com/]Michael Kors Outlet Online[/url] 鈥淎 friend was shocked to see he had driven and tried to take the car keys from him to prevent him driving again, but he promised he would not drive. Doors at the house were locked by the defendant鈥檚 friends in an effort to prevent him from driving. [url=http://burberryonline.outletstore.us.com/]Burberry Outlet[/url] Daniel Rottier, Mayo's attorney, argued the caps hurt those with greatest injuries the most. Slashing the noneconomic awards to $750,000 in the Mayo case means that she would receive about $682,000 for her pain and suffering, or 4.54% of the jury's award for those. Her husband, Antonio Mayo, would collect about $68,000, instead of the $1.5 million awarded by the jury. Meanwhile, Roberts would receive 50% of his pain and suffering award, despite having a less serious injury. http://www.coachhandbags.me eWVhciBieSAyIHBlcmNlbnQsIGJldHRlciB0aGFuIGxhc3QgeWVhciYjODIxNztzIDAuMSBwZXJj [url=http://coachstore.onlineoutlet.us.com/]Coach Bags[/url] There are around 30 Christian families living in Raqqa city, ISIS聮s main m [url=http://www.fitflopssaleclearance.us.com/]Fitflops[/url] He revealed that work on the huge assembly plant in will begin next year. [url=http://p90xworkouts.onlinestore.us.com/]P90x Workouts[/url] Gorevoy reported that junior officials with theInterior Ministry, speaking oncondition ofanonymity, told him that thegovernment agencies knew how todisperse street actions even inSoviet times and after theMoscow events of2002...our people developed detailed instructions literally minute byminute onhow toeffectively andquickly disperse any group, even one numbering inthe thousands. At the end of the day, some of this is about how much people are willing to pay for their own health care, Sydnor said. [url=http://www.raybanoutlet.net.co/]www.raybanoutlet.net.co[/url] The mothers see the impact of their work on their child s health with their own eyes, she said. A large billboard on an easel stands near the batting cage showing the bracket for the Home Run Derby, each player represented by his headshot. Currently, the bracket is filled out to with hometown favorite Todd Frazier beating Baltimore's Manny Machado. 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Jets drafted him anyway, but cut him for battery on a quarterback. s 鈥淭he equipment that stopped the freezer job is now in place and working. [url=http://www.louboutin.net.co/]www.louboutin.net.co[/url] IN 2012, writer-director Seth MacFarlane鈥檚 mismatched buddy comedy Ted was a surprise hit. Man鈥檚 best friend wasn鈥檛 a dog - it was a potty-mouthed, talking teddy with a penchant for beer, bongs and scantily clad ladies. Sadly, Ted 2 is padded with as much fluff as the huggable hero. The price of U.S. crude oil has tumbled to its lowest level in more than six years. [url=http://www.fitflopssaleclearance.us.com/]Fitflops Sale Clearance[/url] , Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved. w [url=http://www.coachhandbags.me/]Coach Handbags Outlet[/url] About 400 children gathered at Thornley Primary School, which was visited by pupils from three neighbouring schools. 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